Welcome to Northam Psychotechnologies

Today we begin a new journey with a new vision, mission and goals.We have spent years researching and developing technologies with leaving an indelible mark on society in mind. My name is Dr. Semyon Ioffe and I welcome you to the new home of Northam Psychotechnologies.

Today we relaunch NPT in a new, modern shape and form in the effort of open and effortless communication and sharing. Our purpose is now to share our amazing technologies in a current context over multiple platforms and networks to better educate the world in what we are capable of achieving now.

It is an exciting time for science!

Northam Psychotechnologies has broken the frontier in the mental health and associated fields! We can now provide, for the very first time, doctors with accurate and scientific tools to properly diagnose AND treat people suffering from mental illnesses. With this new blog and integration into a variety of social media networks we wish to share with YOU every step we take onto new ground as they’re made. We welcome you to share in our journey.

Our vision and mission combined are to heal the world of unnecessary suffering, properly diagnose health problems the first time, provide treatment to cure the traditionally incurable and protect people and the social fabric of human society in the face of terrorism and other threats.

The Northam Psychotechnologies blog will serve as a commentary analyzing current issues in the context of right now, how our technologies can revolutionize the medical, business and security fields worldwide. I hope this blog reaches as many people as possible to spread the word that there is now help, and you are not alone.

I personally undertaken the challenge of teaching you, of helping you, of sharing with you, by writing to you and with you over our new blog and social media networks. Please feel free to engage me over Twitter. I would love it if you watched and learned from the same videos I do that I post in our YouTube channel. Only with your help can we establish these essential technologies in common place in hospitals, airports, police station, doctors offices, and clinics worldwide and truly make a difference. I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you.

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