The Incredible Scientific Breakthrough, SSRM Tek!

SSRM Tek is a scientific breakthrough in an area of the human mind that we have never before gained explicit access to. There are MANY questions about the mind that we are unable to answer. There are many questions you are unable to answer even about yourself as you do not have access to every memory or experience that happened to you in your life. That information is in your mind however you consciously have no way to access it. Why is this? Imagine your mind split into 2 halves, the conscious and the subconscious.

A simple way to think about it is when you are sleeping or awake. When you are awake you are conscious, you have control over your mind, your body, you make your own decisions and your reactions to everything are all consciously processed. When you are asleep, you are dreaming. These images all come from your subconscious mind which you are unable to control, and that has access to every piece of information in your mind. It has no filters, it is the unabridged version of you, every piece of information and experience as is. How do we make memories and remember them later? Every person experiences things differently and colors each memory or experience with an emotion. Emotions are the filing system of the mind. The more emotionally significant a memory is the easier it is to recall.

What if you wanted to ask someone a question but they did not know the answer? Maybe they cannot remember because their mind has blocked away the memory due to intense emotional trauma. Maybe the person is lying to you and does not wish to reveal his or her true intentions for a variety of reasons. Why is this happening? Because you verbally asked a question that they were able to filter with their conscious mind. They listened to your question, filtered it through their mind and gave you a processed answer. What if you could ask the same question directly to their subconscious mind. We know they cannot control their subconscious mind and it has access to everything they have ever seen or experienced. This has now become possible with SSRK Tek otherwise known as Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement. For as complicated as the name sounds it does exactly what it says, response measurement. SSRM Tek is a simple software game that anyone can play that will measure a person’s emotional response to information fed to their subconscious mind.

This is how it works. The human eye sees movement at 24 frames per second. Moving images or movies would look choppy if we slowed down the rate they were played as video is nothing more than fast moving pictures. There is a certain speed where if stimuli, images or words, were flashed in front of you, you would not consciously register them. They were too fast to see. But at predetermined speeds, what you will not consciously register, your subconscious mind WILL register. SSRM Tek is a test, where you sit in front of a computer and click a button when you see images or words flash on the screen. It will flash stimuli to your subconscious mind that you CANNOT consciously see or register, and right after flash stimuli that you CAN consciously see. This is when you are instructed to press the button. If the stimuli that was flashed to your subconscious mind had any emotional significance to you, then your response in hitting the button afterwards will be delayed or sped up as compared to an insignificant emotional response if the stimuli meant nothing to you. These responses are measured to determine how you react to certain different images, words and topics.

Hopefully you can now clearly see the many applications of SSRM Tek. In the field of psychology if we do not have specific information of the kind of trauma a person has experienced how can we determine how to treat that person? What if that person doesn’t know themselves what happened because their mind blocked the traumatic memory? What the conscious minds doesnt know, the subconscious does! SSRM Tek can SCREEN that persons mind for different topics to determine what the problem is. In any industry sensitive information leaks occur all the time. As well it is in human nature to lie.  Many companies now employ hundreds of thousands of people. How can you determine who is happy with their job and is a loyal and productive employee? With SSRM Tek one can screen any employee to determine if that person is psychologically fit to productively work and is maintaining confidence levels in carrying sensitive information that could affect major financial outcomes. In defence and security there are currently no tools available to help collect sensitive information from individuals in a non-invasive or non-offensive way outside of dangerous pharmaceuticals and torture. If you are a terrorist then you will have under gone training, met other terrorists, you would know things that only a terrorist could know or have seen. If you took the SSRM Tek test and the topics included in the test were specifically for terrorism and you were not a terrorist then you would show no statistically significant emotional response to any of the stimuli. Even if people didn’t believe you, your subconscious CANNOT lie. If you were a terrorist then no matter how good of a liar you may be or how your story may check out through a number of credible sources, your subconscious cannot lie. You would show a statistically significant emotional response to the stimuli which would warrant a continued investigation into you or your efforts.

SSRM Tek is a magnificent software screening tool with millions of applications where no comparable tool is yet in existence. Please share this post to anyone you think it would benefit in the effort to helping the millions of people that require diagnostic tools for mental illnesses as well as to avoid potentially dangerous security situations.

Please continue learning about SSRM Tek here at NPT.

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