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Our minds and thoughts are always turning, spinning. Everything we experience gets weighed on an emotional scale from deeply and personally significant to emotionally insignificant or unimportant. Consciously or subconsciously we associate some level of an emotion to every experience we have in life, every day. At Northam Psyhotechnologies we have developed a screening and assessment tool that paints a picture of your personal semantic space, your psyche, the color of your emotions, and their distance and relation to one another.

The analysis of this data can be used as an emotional baseline to determine the effectiveness of mental health treatments, evaluating general levels of mental health, as well pinpointing emotional instability and areas of interest.

There is a ying for every yang. For every emotion, an opposite emotion exists on the other side of the spectrum; happiness – saddness, love – hate, pride – shame, and the list goes on. Through color associative complexes we are able to determine your state of mental health with the information you provide when screened by the PsyExpert test. Although accurately and scientifically evaluating general mental health is gravely important with such a high instance of the general public suffering from mental health issues, evaluating the success or failure of mental health treatment is paramount to understanding and curing actual problems.

By performing the PsyExpert test before and after prescribed treatments can we now provide health care professionals with realtime emotional assessments for how a patients mental state has changed. The analysis of the change in the before and after results will open a window in a room where a window never before existed and accurately direct resources to where they are most needed enhancing all current mental health treatments and providing real scientific reasoning in the creation of new ones.

The strength of the PsyExpert test is that personal constructs (opposite emotions) are described in the patient’s own vocabulary and are converted by the patient into colors. The patient’s task is to choose colors for different elements of vocabulary represented to the patient as a game but in reality the patient does not realize that he is actually revealing his or her inner world. PsyExpert will provide the best results for active and willing participants who wish to receive treatment, but even if the patient tries to sabotage the test he/she cannot develop a strategy as the number of colors that they are asked to choose from are beyond their ability to remember to use consistently in sabotaging the test.

Keeping in mind that nearly every test in the world is a conscious based test, here at Northam Psychotechnologies we have developed subconscious based testing and screening tools that provide data and insights that are the literal definition of accurate. Though PsyExpert is one of these conscious based test it reveals issues of the subconscious mind. A knife can kill a man or save a man depending on whose hands it’s in. All the knowledge in the world is available to every man however he must first seek it before he can obtain it.

We are happy to present PsyExpert to the world and look forward to helping millions of people suffering from mental health problems all over the world. Please continue to learn more about PsyExpert with us at NPT.

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