The Future Has Arrived! SMART Reteaching

This is an important post to me because it gives me the opportunity to present a technology to you that currently does not and has not existed in any other form until now. At NPT we have developed a new technology that is able to teach or reteach the subconscious mind called SMARTTool based on the same principals as our SSRM Tek screening technology. The number of applications are limitless. The best way to describe it is perhaps with an example. People can only make conscious decisions. But you have 2 parts to your mind, your conscious and your subconscious. We can control one but not the other and the major content of our informational being is not accessible to our conscious mind.  It belongs to the subconscious mind.

If you have read my last post about SSRM Tek you know that it is used to measure statistically significant emotional responses of your subconscious mind using word and picture based  stimuli. The SMARTTool uses the same principals described in my last blog post to now not only screen your subconscious mind but to re-teach your subconscious and rid it of traumatic, unhealthy or bad habits. Using scientific method we are able to feed stimuli to your subconscious in the same way we use to screen it and through this gentle re-association of topics to your subconscious are we are to influence the emotional associations your subconscious may have with a topic or memory. For example if you want to quit smoking but can’t, you would have made the conscious decision to quit but all your subconscious feels if that smoking is good and that you like smoking even though you consciously want to stop. Through gentle re-association therapy with the SMARTTool we can influence your subconscious mind to associate a negative emotion with smoking so that you would be able to quit much easier. Making a conscious decision to voluntarily do something is the first and most important step however as we have seen time and time again making decisions and sticking to them is a much harder task than anticipated for many people and this is the reason why.

When a drug addict goes to rehab and comes back they generally be return to a similar if not same environment they were in before where what they went to rehab to avoid is being done by people around them perhaps even in their own house by their friends. Even though you don’t desire to conscious engage in said substance as it is available and your subconscious associated a very positive emotion with engaging in the act its like an ant and a horse in a game of tug-o-war where your mental fortitude is the rope. You can perhaps see now why so many people go in and out of substance abuse programs. What if we could provide treatment, playing a 30 minute computer game 3 times a week for 2 months? We could provide real treatment to a patient who voluntarily wishes to stop doing something that they feel they have no control over. The same goes for drugs, smoking, deviant sexual behaviour, mental trauma, phobias, eating disorders and the list goes on and on.

Treatment cannot be provided to an unwilling participant. The patient must make the conscious decision themselves first before subconscious treatment can proceed. The test can be administered by anyone. The test itself anyone can take. The test is an immediate and cost effective solution to mental illnesses and trauma and is the first of its kind pioneering psychological diagnostic tools for the all the people of the world. Any kind of mental trauma can be screened for using the SSRM Tek system and treatment then provided to rectify said trauma using the SMARTTool. My next post will be about PsyExpert, another diagnostic tool of the human psyche that can measure the success of psychological treatment. Like the SMARTTool, PsyExpert is also the first of its kind. Thank you for reading and be sure to follow our RSS feed to stay on top of new announcements.

Please continue to learn more about the SMARTTool and SSRM Tek at NPT as well as read clinical case study’s Publications.

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