Nuclear Industry Needs Better Employee Screening

Nuclear Industry Needs Better Employee Screening, Says NRC (Global Security Newswire) “The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs more information to ensure [that] extremists cannot find employment at the country’s atomic energy facilities, the commission’s inspector general said in a report released” Monday, according to Global Security Newswire. “… The nuclear site security review was undertaken following the revelation that accused al-Qaeda operative Sharif Mobley was employed by contractors at several East Coast nuclear power sites from 2002 to 2008.” View ArticleView Report.

We are asking Nuclear Industry (NRC- Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Bill Owens a question: Can you envision how many possible Al-Qaeda operatives would take the risk of applying for a job if they were required to take the Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement (SSRM Tek) test, which would uncover their intentions and tendencies? Would they take the risk of being discovered and investigated or would they simply avoid applying for such jobs? Can you imagine the results of such actions? The result would be a much safer Nuclear Industry and we could live our lives without worrying about becoming the next nuclear holocaust participants, which Al-Qaeda operatives seem to be planning.

I would go as far as to say that even IF Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement technology DID NOT exist (it does), the security forces of our countries could apply a black box/hoax and tell everybody that they have developed a test to uncover people’s intentions. Deterrence of such a “non-existing” test alone would be of significant value for the safety and security of our countries. However, organizations responsible for the safety and security of the American continent have neither attempted to use existing Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement technology or come up with their own black box.

Instead, they spend millions of dollars on P300 or fMRI testing concepts, taking a suspect and putting a slew of electrodes onto his head or sticking them into an MRI machine and seeing where in the brain different words can be located. This is what they seemingly consider the great future methodologies for the safety and security of our counties as opposed to actual world application.

With SSRM Tek, we could easily and quickly develop an all encompassing program for current and future employees of the nuclear industry to take in the span of 30 minutes to determine if they do in fact have any terrorist or criminal affiliation, are perhaps sleeper agents, those with criminal intent, those with criminal background, those with violent tendencies, those with severe mental trauma, those that cannot perform in emergency situations, and the list goes on. We could test for every possible major concern in protecting the America’s not only from international threats but from any kind of domestic threat as well.

The reason it would be so effective is there is no way to lie on a subconscious response measurement test nor is there anyway to alter your results. You do not control the responses of your subconscious and it contains every piece of information you have ever seen or known. Even if you do not have conscious access to certain information in your own mind, subconsciously you do. You cannot control or alter how your subconscious perceives things or responds. It is an infallible test that no terrorist or criminal could hope to pass. The greatest success they could hope to achieve is to be unable to take the test in which case they would be denied from any further hiring procedures. Either way the good guys win.

The reports speak for themselves. Terrorists and insurgents are smart enough to know our weak points and how to take advantage of them. The time has come for a real solution to these very serious problems – and fast before we suffer the effects of further terrorist attacks.

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