Subconscious Research Gaining Notoriety

It is very interesting to mention that a political columnist for the New York Times David Brooks and David Carmel, a research scientist at the Carrasco Lab, New York University’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science, are dabbling in the area of the subconscious mind.

David Brooks says “that it will soon be hard to understand anything about the world around us without a knowledge of the unconscious workings of the brain.” And David Carmel says “We can extract information from words we cannot consciously see, and furthermore, that we have evolved to be more sensitive to negative, potentially threatening information.” You can read about both David Brooks and David Carmel in their respective interviews with Sophie Roell.

It would be even better if they knew that there are already validated tests that allow one to uncover the association between different words and/or images with positive or negative emotions. In addition, we are testing the subconscious mind to tap and understand different issues people have, what the sources of these issues are and how to deal with them. Many People who are tested have no conscious knowledge of these issues. But it is satisfying to know that people from different walks of life are looking in the same direction i.e. trying to understand how the subconscious mind affects the every day life of each person on Earth.

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