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The SSRM Difference! Formula for Success

January 26, 2015

How is SSRM Technology different from all other psychological and medical approaches? Every individual SSRM test is a complete scientific experiment consisting of a Control, a Probe / Stimuli, a Reper (Reference Point), a Registered Response. The test is based on universal human behaviour, that humans will unconsciously react to words, pictures or sounds associated with their emotions.

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Sophistication of PsyExpert Technology

January 25, 2015

NPT’s Universal Color-Associative Complex, PsyExpert, was originally created for Psychiatrists and Psychologists for use in evaluating mental health issues. In this application, users desired to improve their mental condition and heal, and as such their participation in the test was always willing and voluntary. PsyExpert has always been a 100% reliable conscious based screening tool […]

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