Sophistication of PsyExpert Technology

NPT’s Universal Color-Associative Complex, PsyExpert, was originally created for Psychiatrists and Psychologists for use in evaluating mental health issues. In this application, users desired to improve their mental condition and heal, and as such their participation in the test was always willing and voluntary. PsyExpert has always been a 100% reliable conscious based screening tool as opposed to a completely subconscious based screening tool like NPT’s flagship technology, Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement, SSRM Tek.

A conscious based test would be any test where one is asked a question to identify, choose or grade verbally, on paper or a computer screen. A subconscious based test is one where only one’s subconscious is queried for response and as such one cannot control or affect the answers provided.

We attempted to use PsyExpert for security applications on officers in Afghanistan in the last 2 years of testing conducted there. In our data using PsyExpert 92% of the officers tested developed a number of different strategies to evade the test and as such the test produced no meaningful results.

In mental health issues PsyExpert produced 100% reliable results in each patient, whereas only 8% of the officers tested for security issues using PsyExpert produced justifiable results.

Although up to this point PsyExpert has been a conscious screening tool, it is based on gleaning information from the subconscious. Using the new data collected we are able to sophisticate the PsyExpert protocols transforming PsyExpert into a tool fully resistant to evading strategies and excluding conscious sabotage of the test results.

We have tested this new, more sophisticated version of the PsyExpert in hostile environments of security investigation and PsyExpert can now be used in mental health, safety and security fields with a 100% success ratio.

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