Medical Science for a New Century

For hundreds of thousands of years the human race was developing in an environment where only brute forth provided means for survival or achievement. In the last century alone, man has secured the means of acquiring knowledge, an information delivery system, becoming part of our everyday lives, however human life has dramatically changed as a result now with information and knowledge becoming the major instruments of human survival and success.

Genetically humans are not prepared to cope with such changes consistently well in response to everyday life situations. Statistics reflect this fact in reporting that 1 out 5 people currently has or will have psychological issues. Psychological problems start as indistinguishable issues that overtime develop physical manifestation decreasing functionality and human capabilities for work and everyday life situations.

The reality of the world is perceived only as it constructed in our mind. Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement technology (SSRM Tek.) is a tool for exploring the human mind not just for the purpose of security screening but for any issues of the human psyche. The reasons for many human issues and illnesses are played out in our subconscious mind including those that manifest themselves as physical illnesses such as obesity, anorexia, addictions etc.

Presently it is common knowledge that preventive medicine is the social norm more cost effective than the treatment of illnesses directly. Modern medicine recognizes that each person requires yearly check ups for basic physical functions: heart, respiration, blood work, even if you have no symptoms or complaints. Psychological health does not have such public policy; adversely such approaches are associated with stigma for those that require help from seeking it from psychologists or psychiatrists.

Methodologies used by psychologists and psychiatrists to help understand psychological issues are of a QUALITATIVE character based on questionnaires and require expert opinion. There are presently no QUANTITATIVE methodologies for testing the human mind based on the universal principals of scientific experimentation except for SSRM Tek.

This opens new doors for the successful management of mental health and wellness issues in the public eye. NOW, preventive medicine can be applied to mental health by offering yearly, standardized check ups for the state of peoples’ psychological wellbeing. Early uncovering of suicidal tendencies, addictions, phobias and other issues will greatly speed up recovery treatments.

The SSRM Tek. group of technologies allows us to uncover psychological issues, help in treatments and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment provided by medical professionals.

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