Enemy from Within: the Human Factor

Since the 9/11 tragedy of 2001, where the perpetrators came from outside our borders, we have seen a tremendous resurgence of high-tech security products directed to protect our borders and other important infrastructures.

We inspect luggage and passengers at airports, border checkpoints, containers at seaports, have developed personal and corporate computer security protection etc. It’s understood though, that without at least logistic help from within our borders, operations of similar or lesser magnitude as 9/11 cannot be achieved on our soil. However it seems that the high-tech security industry and myriads of security specialists have shied away from informing the public that their multi-billion dollar tech barrier is easily penetrated at any point of entry with the help of a few high-tech, rogue, security equipment operators. Recently I was pleased to find an article on the blog at infosecurity.com: The Human Factor Reigns Supreme! Where they rightly state: the human factor it the number ONE security priority. All technological safeguards are meaningless if the “fox is already in the hen house.”

Unfortunately, methodologies to tell the proverbial fox apart from the hen have not evolved in over 80 years. In the last few years they have changed lie detection procedures with truth verification procedures using the same polygraph technique, and wild scientific claims of fMRI advocates to solve lie detection issues. For example: fMRI Lie Detection: Is there Science Behind Deception? by Karuna Meda.

The question is how do our government agencies intend to resolve the continually growing need for strict security clearances required for the 21st century with their out dated methodologies, their inertia, and inability to look for answers?


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