Northam Psychotechnologies

Founded by Dr. Semyon Ioffe who has conducted 5 clinical tests and released nearly 60 scientific publications, Northam Psychotechnologies was established in 2006 after acquiring the technological patents for subconscious psycho-probing and psycho-correction. Northam produces technologies that detect, identify and treat hidden and dangerous traits, tendencies and motivations and has currently been operationally tested in Canada, Russia, and Afghanistan.

NPT was established to develop psycho-probing & psycho-correction for the 21st century.

Technology History

1980s : Academician Igor Smirnov and Professor Howard Shevrin developed the bases of psycho-probing technologies.

1998 : Psycho-probing technology awarded “Gold Medal” in the World’s Fair of Scientific Achievements, Brussels, Belgium.

2003: Dr. Semyon Ioffe and Academician Igor Smirnov established close scientific ties resulting in the “SSRM Tek” technology for use in the security field.

2005- 2009: Dr. Semyon Ioffe developed psycho-probing and psycho-correction (SMART) technology, visualization of the psychosemantic space (PsyExpert) technology in collaboration with Dr. S. Yesin (Director of Psychophysiology, Vishnevsky Central Military Hospital, Moscow) and Dr.  B. Afanasjev (Honored Psychiatrist, Russian Federation).

2007-2010: Dr. Semyon Ioffe, in collaboration with other experts, published 9 articles and submitted 3 articles in medical research (PTSD and treatment of dependencies) and security field (testing the psyche of employees of correctional facilities and others).

2008-2010: PASS Tool operationally tested in Afghanistan based on SSRM Tek technology.

2010: 5 psycho-probing and psycho-correction white papers submitted to DoD, DHS, and IARPA.


to “Be the leader in providing automated Psycho-semantic technologies to the world in hopes of fostering a healthier, more productive, and more secure human race.”


to “Provide real-time and cost-effective mental health and security solutions while maintaining human respect and dignity through automated Psycho-semantic technologies targeting the subconscious mind.”


to “Produce technologies that can Detect, Identify, and Treat hidden and dangerous traits, tendencies and motivations.”