Corporate Enterprise

One of the most volatile aspects of business is the human component. Tens of billions of dollars are lost yearly due to productivity losses, dishonesty, disloyalty and industrial espionage just to name a few. A plethora of methods exist to curtail such actions however they are costly and time consuming with little quantifiable results.

Northam Psychotechnologies offers solutions that can easily screen large numbers of people, quickly, affordably and without the help of experts. Business can now be conducted in a more reliable manner than ever before with a healthy, motivated and loyal workforce using NPT to screen and identify problems before they are given the opportunity to occur.

SSRM Tek can be used to screen current and future employees for drug and alcohol related problems, theft, espionage, violent tendencies and much more to safeguard productivity and the safety and well being of all other employees.

Although there are countless potential applications for these technologies in corporate enterprise the following is a sample list of a few possible applications of the above-mentioned technologies working singularly and in combination with one another. NPT has performed general testing or clinical trials in all of the examples below.

Human Resources
SSRM Tek can help industry screen job applicants to help pick the cream of the crop. The majority of management time is spent dealing with problems created by only a small percent of their staff.  As a recruitment tool, SSRM Tek can save industry untold difficulties and dollars by screening for traits not conducive to their corporate philosophy, including industrial espionage.  And, it can also screen for those with positive traits, such as honesty, loyalty, leadership.

Transportation (Aviation)
NPT technologies are applicable for the selection of staff for flying and air navigation work and for screening personnel (or trainees) for risk groups which require increased supervision and psychotherapeutic interventions safe guarding the lives the thousands of individuals that fly every day.

Financial Services
NPT can help the financial industry protect customers from internal security breaches. These non-threatening technologies can be used to screen new and existing employees to get to the bottom of incidents involving security breaches, identify involvement in illegal activity such as account fraud, identity theft, espionage, and addictions. The technologies are so sophisticated that once a person has been identified as having been involved in that illegal activity, further tests can identify names of known or suspected associates.

Correctional Facilities
Screening can be applied to employees of correctional facilities to ensure the highest level of security in prisons and other secure facilities around the world.