Security & Defense

Human beings are frequently the “weakest link” in mitigating threats to national security and commercial industries. People can be manipulated to conduct espionage against their sworn nation, conduct sabotage operations against a government or commercial facility and even inflict mass casualties as a suicide bomber or carrier of a pathogenic biological agent.  People are frequently influenced by harmful negative factors such as drugs, alcohol and traumatic events that radically affect their performance and reliability. Current technologies to detect these issues before they become problems are practically non-existent. Where technologies are available to address some of these issues, they are frequently invasive, intrusive, expensive, lengthy and inaccurate.

Real-time detection and identification of radical and mentally unstable individuals is arguably one of the most pressing threats facing our homeland security today. Current tactics, techniques, and procedures are simply outdated and ineffective in spotting and assessing these modern day human threats.

Northam Psychotechnologies offers solutions that easily screen large numbers of people, quickly, affordably and without the help of experts. These quick, unobtrusive screening methods will, for the very first time, grant our nation safer borders, safer airways and a proven loyal military in defending our nation.

Used as a powerful investigative and mass screening tool, NPT’s SSRM Tek can gather intelligence in a non-invasive manner from the subconscious mind of any individual even if they are traditionally unresponsive or even illiterate. SSRM Tek raises the bar for security clearances in every area we need security the most; airports, nuclear facilities, international consulates, national borders, the police, the military and in any kind of government facility. SSRM Tek can be used to establish security clearances AND maintain them as a future deterrent for criminal and terrorist activity.  The use of PsyExpert can determine a person’s emotional association to any area of concern and establish a detailed and ongoing psychological profile at any point in time.

Northam Psychotechnologies has released a number of clinical studies and reports in specific military fields showing its great versatility in screening young cadets, pilots, new recruits, law enforcement, issues in correctional facilities and even detailed comparisons to the polygraph. NPT has performed general testing or clinical trials in all of the examples below.

One fundamental difference between a terrorist and an innocent suspect is the terrorist has intimate knowledge of terrorist activities while an innocent person has either none or only virtual knowledge gained through the media or word-of-mouth.  A terrorist has committed a crime, received training in terrorism or worked with others in planning terrorist attacks. The innocent suspect does not have such experiences and therefore has no significant association with such acts. The results are not affected by the willingness of the person being tested to tell the truth or level of stress.  By testing for specific information, SSRM Tek can accurately distinguish between a trained terrorist and an innocent person who may have knowledge of certain locations, people and events for legitimate reasons; determine who has been associated with terrorist acts, directly or indirectly; identify trained terrorists with the potential to commit future terrorist acts, even if they are in a “sleeper” cell and have not been active for years; identify people with in-depth knowledge and training in banking, financing or communications who are associated with terrorist teams and acts and determine the level which an individual plays within a terrorist organization.

Army Recruiting
Screening to determine drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies and other criminal related issues is a high priority in today’s modern army.

Law Enforcement
SSRM Tek can be used as a screening tool for new recruits and existing staff to identify traits not welcome in a law enforcement officer. NPT’s technologies have been used to screen officers for promotion, as well as in building secure internal affairs departments providing considerable time reduction in uncovering concealed information as well as aid in criminal investigations. Any problems facing psychologists of law-enforcement departments can be solved practically. For example: professional screening of newly appointed candidates for work can uncover and treat any “group at risk”. This testing allows for the psychological profiling of employees, study of the moral and psychological state of the team, dynamic supervision and rehabilitation of employees of special units and also employees returning from areas of war. Positive traits such as leadership can also be identified. Subjects are tested on how well they can make the right decisions under stress. Test results would indicate, for example, who would make a good candidate for a SWAT team.

Student Cadets
The present technique is advisable for wide application in educational institutions to increase the efficiency of teaching and educational processes, optimization and timely implementation in correction of behavioural and motivational processes in young people. It also allows preventive maintenance of narcotics and alcoholism dependencies, suicidal and criminal tendencies.

Visa and Immigration
NPT can accelerate the visa/immigration application process without jeopardizing national security, protect our country from the entry of undesirable persons, provide red flags for officials when issuing visas and passports and determine the veracity of people claiming refugee status; identify those posing a risk before they are admitted into our country; screen for terrorism, drugs, money laundering, industrial espionage, misrepresentation and other illegal activities.

NPT technology can manage border risk with the ability to quickly and accurately screen any individuals for drugs, human and weapons trafficking as well as any kind of criminal activity, to keep our country safe; screen and investigate those who work at border checkpoints and on border patrols to ensure a consistent and high level of security at our borders.

Passport Fraud
NPT’s innovative technology is able to provide a red flag for officials when issuing passports, replacing lost or stolen passports at Embassies and Consulates; and customs and/or immigration officers verifying passports at points of entry and departure. If, for example, a person already holds a Canadian or American passport, but it was not properly obtained, this can be confirmed through testing as well.

Torture Free
NPT’s technology can reveal concealed information or hidden tendencies that can confirm a detainee’s terrorist leanings, associations with known terrorists or involvement in other illegal activities. NPT provides investigators with a blueprint to help them focus their investigations, and provide underlying motives as to why a person acts as they do. NPT probes associations between detainees and certain illegal organizations or members of such organizations and can confirm their involvement with illegal activities such as money laundering, explosions, drug or military equipment trafficking. Due to the private nature of many organizations, one can have access to special technology and training so that one can build their own customized tests to ensure confidentiality and confidence in accuracy with a false positive rate of just 0.5%.

SSRM Tek vs Polygraph

Polygraph SSRM Tek
Expert is required to carry out the test. No special knowledge is required to administer the test.
Preparation for the test takes about 2 hours. Preparation for the test takes less than 15 minutes by examiner.
Time of test for one topic is about 2 hours. Time of test for 20 topics is about 30 minutes.
The same topic test cannot be repeated. The same topic test can be repeatedly daily.
Psycho-physiological state of the examinee affects the test results. Psycho-physiological state of the examinee does not affect the test results (except if they are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics).
Examinee has the ability to consciously distort the test results. Conscious distortions of the test results by examinee are not possible.
Obtained results require expert interpretation. Obtained results are interpreted automatically immediately after test completion.
Conscious falsification of the results by polygraph expert is possible. There is no way to falsify the test results since they are produced by a computer.