Medical Care

When one has physical ailments and goes to the doctor, a series of tests are performed in a lab by technicians to provide the doctor with empirical medical information in order to perform a correct medical diagnosis. There have been no tests than can provide empirical information for diagnosis and follow up in the mental health field until now.

Northam Psychotechnologies offers solutions that can help diagnose, detect, identify and aid in the treatment of any number of psychological conditions quickly and affordably, significantly decreasing the time required for such procedures by specialists and overall financial expenses. Patients can now be properly diagnosed for the FIRST time as well as receive pinpoint therapy to their subconscious mind where the roots of all mental health problems lie.

PsyExpert can determine a patient’s emotional association to those areas of concern and the dynamics of changes from diagnosis, during treatment and post treatment. Finally, SMART can be used to properly screen the patient for psychological concerns and bring to light in great detail the roots of the problems. SMART’s emotional re-education therapy can work to cure those problems; actually curing patients with psychological problems for the very first time in history. Continued use of PsyExpert will show actual changes in emotional association from within the subconscious mind confirming the success of treatments in each patient.

Although there are countless potential applications for these technologies in the field of medical care the following is a partial list of possible applications of the above mentioned technologies working singularly and in combination with one another. Please see any number of articles in our Publications page to read about these technologies validity and recent use. NPT has performed general testing or clinical trials in all of the examples below.

Addiction Centers (drugs, alcohol etc.)
NPT technologies can be used to determine treatment effectiveness; investigate the root of any addiction; greatly improve treatments; follow-ups and relapse prevention, reduce treatment time, increase effectiveness and preventive screening as well.

Suicidal Tendencies
NPT technologies have been used to discover hidden, subconscious indicators of suicidal tendencies in people who have shown no major suicidal tendencies in the past and with subsequent investigation have been established to be true and as a result successfully treated.

Hidden Trauma
NPT was involved in a case study with a newlywed woman who was being traditionally treated for a psychosis related to her throwing up every time she attempted intimate relations with her husband. Despite repeated psychiatric interviews related to rape she insisted that she had never been assaulted. As her mental condition worsened she was tested with SMART that revealed that she was raped at a summer camp at the age of 14 while working in the kitchen area. She threw up after the rape and pushed the trauma deep into her subconscious. Knowing the root of her trauma, her psychiatrist then treated her accordingly. She now has children of her own.

Helping Returning Soldier
Complex therapies performed on soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can significantly decrease or erase any PTSD symptoms with consistent use of the full suite of NPT technologies.

The use of NPT technologies has been shown to be effective for objective evaluations of mental conditions and their possible dynamics.