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New Challenges: The Security of Intention

Published on February 8, 2015 By Dr. Semyon

International news is filled everyday with topics like internal government crackdowns due to Wikileaks, and the new terrorist threat from within our own soil. Traditional methods of tackling these issues require a tremendous amount of time, extensive finances and thousands of hours of manpower. The traditional definition of an enemy was an opposing nation or […]

The Success of PASSTool in Afghanistan

Published on September 21, 2014 By Dr. Semyon

SSRM Tek is a technology that we at NPT have developed that screens the response of the subconscious mind to virtually any stimuli. We have incorporated that base technology into a software called PASSTool which we have been operationally testing in Afghanistan over the last 2 years.

The Incredible Scientific Breakthrough, SSRM Tek!

Published on August 27, 2014 By Dr. Semyon

SSRM Tek is a scientific breakthrough in an area of the human mind that we have never before gained explicit access to. There are MANY questions about the mind that we are unable to answer. There are many questions you are unable to answer even about yourself as you do not have access to every […]