Northam Psychotechnologies (NPT) presents technologies developed for:

Defense and Security

Human beings are the “weakest link” in mitigating threats to national security and commercial industries. People can be manipulated to conduct espionage against their nation, conduct sabotage operations against a government or commercial facility, and even inflict mass casualties as a suicide bomber or carrier of a pathogenic biological agent. Current technologies to “detect” these issues before they become problems are practically non-existent. Where technologies are available to address some of these issues, they are frequently slow, costly and intrusive.

Real-time detection and identification of radical and mentally unstable individuals is arguably one of the most pressing threats facing security worldwide today as human beings are the primary enabler of all current threats.

Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement

Subconscious Semantic Response Measurement technology, or SSRM Tek, address these security issues as a completely non-invasive, time and cost efficient mass screening tool with a false positive rate of just 0.5% SSRM Tek is the hottest new security clearance tool of the 21st century. Click through to read about the history and scientific validity of Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement and our blog about our work testing ANA personnel with the financial support of the Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan (CSTC-A) with SSRM Tek’s commercial software complex called PASSTool.

Public Mental Health

We all can agree that when we go for a yearly check up to the family doctor we expect some tests to be done depending on our age and health history which might include blood pressure measurements, blood tests, possibly a cardiogram and others. But, when we have some particular health issues, there are numerous tests which can pinpoint specific areas of concern to help a doctor make a correct diagnosis and follow up with successful treatment.

What about psychological problems and issues? Shouldn’t we expect the same approach when we have psychological problems, even poor appetite, bad sleeping patterns, continuous worries etc. Shouldn’t we expect to have a number of psychological tests to help medical and psychological practitioners to pinpoint or qualify psychological health issues and allow for follow up of successful treatment? Of course we should. But, unfortunately, such a unifying approach in psychological health is not yet in existence.

A comparative look at the psychological health and the physical health industries uncovers the need for measurable quantitative testing in order to bring the psychological health field into the 21st century. Northam Psychotechnologies is proud to present to the world for the very first time a proven set of subconscious mind testing technologies which will revolutionize the quality of services and results in the field of mental health.

Semantic Mediated Analysis of Responses and Teaching

Semantic Mediated Analysis of Responses and Teaching, or SMART Complex for short, utilizes the ground breaking technology of SSRM Tek to provide a non-verbal assessment and teaching of the subconscious mind. This incredible teaching tool is the only technology in existence that can help people on a subconscious level consistently and positively affecting mental illness and distress, not just its symptoms. SMART Complex’s commercial software form is known as SMARTTool which can easily detect, identify and aid in the treatment of mental illness or trauma. Read more about how SMARTTool can quickly and easily diagnose and aid in any psychological issue raising the bar for all traditional clinical and psychiatric care.


A universal color-associative complex, PsyExpert, is a psycho-diagnostic tool that creates a visualization of an individuals psycho-semantic space and its detailed investigation. The concept of PsyExpert combines well recognized and proven scientific ideas into a very powerful psycho-diagnostic tool (“Theory of Emotions” by Vinogradov, Osgood’s Semantic Differentials, Kelly’s Personal Construct theory, Lusher’s Color Test). PsyExpert allows us to associate and evaluate the relationship between emotions and the meaning of words or pictures through color effectively mapping a persons psyche allowing us to create a baseline before and after in aiding psychological issues and generating empirical analysis for the first time where none before existed.