The Universal Color-Associative Complex, PsyExpert, is a remarkable examples of technology designed for computing a fundamental and detailed model of the personality. PsyExpert represents a unique psycho-diagnostic tool for developing an individual psycho-semantic space and its detailed examination.

Similar to many of the technologies discovered and developed by NPT, PsyExpert is a simple computer test where the user is asked to label images with emotions and rank colours associated with their responses.


PsyExpert technology contains features of well known worldwide tests such as “The Semantic Differential” by Charles E. Osgood, George Kelly’s Construct Theory”, Max Lüscher’s “The Lüscher Test-Colors” and others.


Psycho-diagnostic methods widely used today have a number of serious deficiencies. For example, the direct methods of psycho-diagnostics based on self-reporting, reveal only consciously realised and not actual operating motives.

Even adequately realised motives can be distorted during testing because of their various social desirabilities and therefore socially undesirable motives are masked and socially desirable motives are demonstrated.

How it Works

The very heart of PSY-EXPERT is a concept of innate relations of human emotions and feelings with color. It was created as a simple test that anyone can take and anyone can administer.

The PsyExpert test is comprised of a number of steps:

1. The patient being tested looks through a number of pictures illustrating various life situations, recognizes some as opposite pairs of emotions, names them and undersigns. It is natural that the emotions especially relevant to the subject being tested are “recognized” with ease.

2. The colors of a visible spectrum are shown one by one and the subject being tested is asked to select for each of the emotions revealed in the previous step, the most “desirable” colors and evaluate their strength using a scale from 1 to 10. Consequently, pairs of opposite emotions are replaced with corresponding pairs of colors.

3. Evaluation of the elements with these color associative pairs is carried out. Evaluating the elements by colors, the subject being tested does not suspect that he/she is actually “associating” each element with an individual specific emotion, thus openly revealing their inner world.

4. In conclusion, the colors are ranked by the subject being tested in the order of desirable-undesirable colors. Identified emotions and elements are all included in the same order of colors.


Calculation is provided for a number of statistical indices: color correlation, index of cognitive differentiation, exact distances between all the objects in psycho-semantic space and conflicts of personality of self identification. The technology is able to solve complex tasks on a high level.

The test results are displayed in graphic form as a 3D color psycho-semantic space represented as a Runge’s Sphere with basic emotions, constructs and elements situated within and also displayed in a printable form, comprising a detailed description of an individuals analysed psycho-semantic space.

The Complex has guaranteed protection from any attempts to falsify the test results, due to absolutely implicit character of the tasks being presented.

The most enticing advantage of this technology is test uses not imposed as outside characteristics, as is in most contemporary tests, but actually self revealed individual internal criteria coming from the patient’s own vocabulary. So, diagnostic material remains informationally clear and has only contents, which objectively occur in the patient’s psyche!

This technology has psycho-correction effects. A dialogue with a psychologist during testing and a detailed analysis of diagnostic results help the client realize the profound peculiarity of their relationship with other people and nuances of self-perception. It encourages the patient to comprehend existing problems and sources of conflicts and find rational and efficient ways for their solutions.

The technology allows professionals to monitor precisely the changes in a patient’s psyche and the progress of psychotherapeutic and other manipulations, which permits the evaluation of the efficiency of the management or guide psychotherapeutic and coaching groups for personal growth.


PsyExpert can be used by psychologists for composing individual suggestive fables; by sociological services for evaluating the general level of mental health; in security services and investigative authorities for revealing hidden facts, criminal activities; in HR management departments for evaluating the mental climate in the staff and identifying the reasons for its affectation.

PsyExpert can be used by HR agencies for job seekers, professional consulting, when used to investigate actual attitudes of the applicant to his job, actual motivation, sociabilities, direction of  professional interests and possible inclinations to antisocial behaviour; and by other experts who need a high precision toolkit for visualization and analysis of mental environment: marketers, managerial staff, political strategists and other professionals.

The PsyExpert Complex is a unique, highly professional psycho diagnostic technology, which effectively solves most issues at hand. It is easy to master. It has a user friendly interface. It is convenient to use. It provides professionals and their clients with a positive work environment!