Ethics Privacy Safety

Like other psychological screening tools, it is necessary to establish protocols for using SSRM Tek within the parameters of any organization’s specific needs.  SSRM Tek has several safety features which protect the confidentiality of every client’s test and the information gleaned from individual test results.

It is important to note that, although SSRM Tek testing provides information not obtained from any other source, that information should only be used as a blueprint, guiding further investigative efforts if areas of concern are indicated. For example in an organization there are concerns of espionage, or stealing those topics and similar ones can all be tested for at once. If there are personnel who test positive for suspected topics then based on the SSRM Tek results those individuals should be specifically investigated further to confirm said results with traditional methods.

It is understandable that any personal testing of employees, particularly individual psychological testing, should incorporate privacy, human rights and safety considerations.  It is recommended that a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) be initiated in the planning stages. This process will provide a framework to ensure that ethics, privacy, and safety issues have been identified and resolved or mitigated.

For those being tested for security-related positions, the employer’s “need to know” would play a major role in determining whether or not these people are tested.

Safety Features

Although Northam Psychotechnologies works together with clients to develop semantic bases(test topics) and set up the test, only the client sees the test results.

Once the system is leased to a client however the client cannot change the test. Only key personnel at Northam Psychotechnologies will be able to alter the test topics guided by the authorization of the client’s own ethics committee. A program that allows Northam Psychotechnologies to change the topics of the test is protected by a special key.

A second key ensures that no one else can use the test at the client’s site. This key is a special device that is connected to a USB Port and programmed to ensure that the test cannot run unless the key is inserted properly. Only an authorized person belonging to the client’s organization would have this key. Once the administration of a test is complete, the key is removed, rendering the program inoperable.

The test is compartmentalized into a test and results model. The administrator cannot affect the results of the test nor could they hope to alter it once completed. Neither can the testee lie, cheat or prepare for the SSRM Tek test with any length of time. Once the test is done it renders a data file, and the results can only been seen once entered into the results model.